Star Metallic is an ISO 9001-2008 Quality management systems certified company.  We are committed in providing our customers with the highest-quality products while striving for continual improvement.

Not only being certified to ISO9001, we also focus on the functional quality characteristics of our products such as wear-ability and corrosion resistance.   Our in house laboratory routinely check to make sure our test results are met with the industry standards. 

Our in house tests are….acid or neutral salt fog test (QB/T 3826-1999), humidity and environmental test, surface adhesion and abrasion test.  In additional to, we can meet the necessary nickel release test for jewelry (REACH 1907/2006)  which is commonly for the European markets.

Over the years, Star remain committed to being fully compliant to all environment related regulations - especially with our electroplating shop which waste water and gas managements are the highest priority for us.   On top of our ability to recycle most of our plating waste discharges, our solid waste disposals are being regulated by government certified third party companies. There are also new initiatives in place for reducing the carbon foot prints and being more eco-friendly with our energy consumption - using more efficient motors and solar technologies.

Star has always been the industry leader in assuring our products are safe for the consumer.  Production safety compliance comes before all other quality criteria.  To date, our company is fully compliant on usage of restricted substances in our production – from the raw material selection to all the possible outside contamination in our production processes. Based on the RoHS directive, our production is complete free of the following heavy metal elements: Lead (Pb) Mercury (Hg) Cadmium (Cd) Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6+) 

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