Our in-house artwork and product development team has many years of experiences to engineer various raw and challenging concepts into manufacturing friendly designs.  We pride in our ability to make things possible.


    100% Done in House. Equipped with Several CNC engravers, wire and sinker EDMs, almost all molds and tooling are done in house to ensure the confidential nature, and maintain the quality of our models, stamping, and casting. 


    We offer zamak die casting, pewter centrifugal casting, and lost wax casting as three casting options to fit your budget needs.


    Is the process by crushing the molecular structure of the material, hence making it denser. Our 60 to 300 metric tons screw presses, and also up to 1,000 tons high hydraulic presses, can strike materials from aluminum, brass, zinc to even stainless steel.  This process yields very high surface quality.  It is an ideal process to use for flat or semi-relief charms and badges.


    Color Filling makes a difference. As with polishing, our enameling specialists require years of training and experiences, typically the learning starts on enameling flat, single color parts.  Then they move on to multi-color, semi relief or fully relief parts. There are also different types of enameling, one is we called soft enamel or pour filled enamel, which involves coloring in the paint or color epoxy into the recess cavity of a finished part.  A more higher end ground enamel process is done similarly like cloisonné, which the color is filled, hardened, ground, and then plated with the piece.  The colors appear and feel like part of the jewelry. We can match any Pantone based color in opaque. For translucent enameling, we would have to review case by case on the feasibility of the design.  


    As with our enameling specialists, good polishers take years of training and a special sets of eyes and hands. At Star, our polishing specialists are trained and skilled in all aspects of the polishing process, from cutting, glossing, buffing the enamel, to brushing or relieving the antique. Careful attention to detail are extremely critical to ensures that every item that leaves our factory reflects our high standards of quality.


    Star is very proud to offer a wide variety of finish to meet your aesthetic, corrosion, and performance needs.

    Our standard plating colors are 24k gold, 18k gold and 14 k gold, silver, copper, brass, nickel, imitation rhodium, black nickel, gunmetal and palladium.  We also offer vibratory finishing is used to burnish, clean, or brighten metal parts.

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